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       Consistency Quotient. When this term was first introduced to me during a meeting by Grandmaster Sautel, I immediately agreed with the idea of it.  Of course, more consistency leads to more growth, higher quality, fun, etc.  It’s an easy enough concept to nod your head along with, however it is much easier to say that more practice will make you better than to actually put the idea into action!  Using Moo Sul Kwan traditions, we are not just reinforcing an idea by saying it over and over, we are providing opportunities for the individual to understand why this statement is true.

               If you only attended school once per week, you would be well into your 30s before even receiving a high school diploma.  If you only made a house payment once per quarter, that mortgage timeframe would go from 30 years to 120 years! These kinds of things are all based in future thought; you have to consider the LONG TERM when acting in the present.  The MSK black belt is an easy enough long-term goal to look at and for the purposes of this article that is the goal post we will use (though achieving black belt is just the beginning of your real journey). 

What makes up the MSK black belt that makes them unique?  Is it the knowledge of and skill with their techniques? Their discipline, respect, or leadership? It is all of the above and then some.  Years of dedication, hard work, and stepping outside their comfort zone built these amazing individuals, but it did not happen by accident. Consistency is the one thing that ties all of the other qualities together, reinforcing them.

“Success isn’t always about greatness.  It’s about consistency, consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.”  This quote comes from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson; it would be safe to say that he is pretty successful in whatever ventures he chooses to pursue.    Grinding day in and day out may seem like it is uncomfortable, and sometimes it can be, but you have to keep in mind the LONG-TERM goals you want to achieve.  Inconsistency can sneak up on you fast, and that is where the excuses begin to flow.

“I’m tired”, “I don’t feel so good”, “I’m sore”.  If you are sick, then stay home and rest and be ready to come back strong the next class.  Otherwise, these are nights that you need to come the most. You will always be glad you came to class, have more energy, and help work out soreness with an extra work out!

“But I have so much work to get done”, or “I have homework due”!  Not only will coming to class clear your mind, allowing you to think and focus more, keeping a consistent schedule helps you develop time management skills.  The second you begin shuffling things around and taking pieces of your routine out, then time management skill goes out the window. 

Come to class twice per week and make as many events as your can!  It sounds like something we just say, but that kind of consistency can lead to great achievements and success in the long term.  Keeping your ultimate goals in mind and not letting excuses be roadblocks to your own success, the consistency quotient is something you can improve this week, today, right now!

- Nick Slinkard, 4th Dan

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